About Us

Primary Care Services

Coös County Family Health Services has provided comprehensive office-based primary care services for more than 10 years. These services include health care provided by NH licensed MDs, Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physician Assistants (PA), including diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, preventive services, screening, and health education according to evidence-based guidelines, assessment of need for social and nutrition services, and appropriate referrals to health and behavioral health specialty providers.

In addition to Primary Care, special programs offered by CCFHS include Family Planning, Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) Clinic Services, HIV Counseling and Testing; School-based Oral Health, Neuromotor Disabilities Clinics, WIC Nutrition Services, Infant Massage, and RESPONSE to Sexual and Domestic Violence.

Our Mission

Improving the health and wellbeing of our community through the provision of health and social services of the highest quality.

Our Board of Directors

Coös County Family Health Services is governed by a consumer majority Board of Directors. New members are invited to join the Board through a nomination process. The Board of Directors meets regularly to transact business, establish policies, secure resources, and approve budgets. In addition, each member advocates for CCFHS programs and services, and takes an active role in promoting health and social services provided by CCFHS. Board policies have established the broad parameters within which Board, management, and staff will operate jointly. Board members attend regular Board training programs to advance their understanding of New Hampshire Health System, the regional social service system, and public policies issues affecting the CCFHS clients.

The Board committees include:

Executive, Personnel, Governance, Facilities, Finance and Development.

If you or someone you know is interested in serving on the Board, providing some feedback to the Board, or donating to the governance process, please call Linda Blanchette at 752-3669 ext.4014 weekdays. Public feedback is always appreciated.

Current Board Members


CCFHS Board Chairperson

Patti Stolte, 2023 (2nd), Chair, Executive Commitee

Chair, Personnel Committee

CCFHS Board Vice Chairperson

Kassie Eafrati, 2025 (2nd)  

CCFHS Board Treasurer

Cynthia Desmond, 2025 (2nd) Chair, Finance/Development Committee

Chair, Corporate Compliance Committee

CCFHS Board Secretary

          ​Pauline Tibbetts, 2023 (2nd)



H. Guyford Stever, Jr., 2022 (4th) Immediate Past Chairperson

Chair, Sylvia Evans Committee

Robert Pelchat, 2023 (7th)

Marge McClellan, 2023 (7th)

David Morin, 2023 (3rd), Chair, Governance Committee

Chair, Facilities Committee

Joan Merrill, 2023 (1st), QI, Personnel, Governance, Sylvia Evans

Rebecca Witmon, 2024 (1st)

Louise Valliere, 2025 (1st), Strategic Planning Committee


  990 Tax Return

*  990 Tax Return


CCFHS Annual Reports

*  2019 CCFHS Annual Report

*   2020 CCFHS Annual Report


Community Benefits Report

*  Community Benefits Report


Nondiscrimination Statement

  *  Nondiscrimination Notice